Weekend Jobs Melbourne

A Promotional Model is hired too drive consumer demand for a product, brand or service by directly interacting with potential new customers, A majority of Promotional Model typically lend to be very attractive in physical appearance. There job is to provide information about the product or service and makes it appealing to consumers.For young vibrant ladies seeking Weekend Jobs Melbourne, Lizardskin Talent has a variety of promo shifts  for the girls, shifts start from a Friday afternoon and night plus some weekend jobs Melbourne on a weekly and casual basis. Shifts from Model Waitress, Pool/8-ball Promotion, Dance/Waitress Promotion, Vip Host. We will require your Resume/RSA and 2-3 recent photos emailed to us, simply request on our contact page..Shortlisted applicants will be contacted..All jobs are ABN based and paid via direct debit upon a valid invoice with ABN..Interviews arranged and model agreement will need to be read in entirety and signed back to us..

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Christine Palmer