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Bike Advertising2 (2)Bike Advertising Techniques with tear drop banner flags promote or advertise your product or message in a cost effective, eco-smart, friendly and visible way above all other forms of bike or bicycle advertising vehicles. Bike Advertising Techniques with Tear Drop Flags are perfect at Melbourne’s Elite Sporting events, Festivals, Parades, Trade shows, St Kilda’s beach side boardwalks and busy train stations. Ideal anytime anywhere and everywhere there is a crowd..Bike Advertising Techniques is a green clean smart way to be seen with the addition of a Lizardskin Model distributing flyers to create a call to action.
Lizardskin Talent provides the ultimate immaculate and well presented models to show off your company. With the attention to detail we will work together to identify your market audience and come of with an ideal route, and area to have your company seen to the masses. Handing out promotional flyers, T-shirts with your logo creating awareness of your brand or product. In the most eco friendly solution and cost effective ROI
The Melbourne Council are trying ads to offset all the costs for those ugly blue bikes that no one uses “Vic Roads is investigating options for advertising on the Melbourne Bike Share bicycles and helmets,” Patricia Liew, Vic Roads’ metro north west regional manager, said. – Bike Advertising Techniques book today

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Bike Advertising Tecniques