Promo Models Melbourne

Promo Models Melbourne & Hostesses are the best option if clients want to hire promotional models Melbourne for their functions or events. A Promotional Model is hired too drive consumer demand for a product, brand or service by directly interacting with potential new customers, A majority of Promo Girls typically lend to be very attractive in physical appearance. Lizardskin Talent  has a wide range and diverse talent bank of promo girls melbourne and is seeking female promo girls melbourne – from Dancers, Model Waitress, Vip Hosts/Flyers – Film & TV extras – Pool/8 ball Promotions. Great rates and keep any cash tips –  paid via direct debit upon valid invoice. promo girls melbourne must be energetic experienced and also have a valid Victorian RSA along a own ABN – Promo Girls Melbourne create to generate leads and work as marketing specialists during the campaign and make it possible for owners to take a relaxed breath during their promotion of products and brand. Lizardskin Talent provides Promo Models Melbourne an opportunity for business owners to acquire the best promo models Melbourne for their events. These hostesses are extremely beneficial for any event and we are happy to provide many promo models melbourne – call today on 0424 323 885 between mon – fri 9am – 6pm

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