promo girl jobs melbourne

For young vibrant ladies seeking Weekend Jobs Melbourne, we have promo girl jobs Melbourne. Lizardskin Talent has a variety of promo shifts  for the girls, shifts start from a Friday afternoon and night plus some weekend jobs Melbourne on a weekly and casual basis. promo girl jobs Melbourne Shifts are from Model Waitress, Pool/8-ball Promotion, Dance/Waitress Promotion, Host/Flyers @ Crown Casino. We will require your Resume/RSA and 2-3 recent photos emailed to us, simply request on our contact page..Shortlisted applicants will be contacted..All jobs are ABN based and paid via direct debit upon a valid invoice with ABN..Interviews arranged and model agreement will need to be read in entirety and signed back to us…Christine during a Weekend Job Melbourne @ Crown Casino Friday night 9pm – 1am hosting and promoting Fusion an Crown Co live venues

Christine Palmer