Promotional Models

Promotional Models are hired too drive consumer demand for a product, brand or service by directly interacting with potential new customers, A majority of Promotional Models typically lend to be very attractive in physical appearance. There job is to provide information about the product or service and makes it appealing to consumers. The time period maybe short however the promotional models delivers a live experience that reflects on the product and/or service he or she is representing. The consumers perception of a brand, product or service is mush more effective with the “live to live” interaction and experience. Duties can and will include to answer questions, create awareness, provide product information, handing out items, flyers or tasting. You can see promotional models at trade shows, events, outdoor public events, clubs, bars and pubs to target the certain market for the product, brand or service. While we have a variety of Model Waitress with certified RSA for any functions or events.

Here at Lizardskin Talent we provide promotional models for various functions, events and job descriptions

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